Page closed2011-12-27 19:06:59
This web page has not been working for quite a few years and in case anyone was wondering, I have no intensions to fix it. I don't have time to keep it updated and Sellaband has anyway added new functionalities which fixes most of the reasons I started this page. Thanks for all the positive feedback I got while it lasted.

Best wishes, Daniel.

Bug fix.2009-01-31 17:58:12
Apparently there was some minor changes to the listing of believers on SAB last Tuesday which broke Stataband. Hehe I'm probably the only one who is not longing for updates on Sellaband;) Unfortunately I did not notice the bug until just now. It was en easy enough fix but all the data from last week is gone so the "weekly increase" will be a bit off for a week. Once again thanks Thor for keeping me informed.

Fixed bug2009-01-17 16:51:45
Due to some changes to Stataband has appearantly been broken for the last 24h or so. It's hopefully compeletly fixed now and all wierd data has been removed from the history. Let me know if you see something strange you think need fixing.

Thanks Thor for letting me know.

Artist name bug fixed2008-12-05 18:47:15
Friday evening, what better opportunity to finally find some time to fix bugs :) The artist names now show up correctly. The only other bug I can find is the believer page not showing all 50k and wishlist artist. Let me know if you know any thing more.

New Era (of bugs)2008-12-02 12:38:57
Seems like I have a bit of fixing to do to get Stataband to play nice with the new design. Good thing is that most stuff actually seems to work. Mainly just the artist names are gone. Bad thing is I have a really busy week so no estimates on when it will be fixed.

Top 152008-10-23 22:30:05
Finally changed top 10 to top 15 and made sure it increments correctly. I also know I have a bug on the believer page, at the moment you can't "stat" your wishlist. Can't promise when I'll have time to look in to that.

Believer page update2008-09-17 00:07:29
While I was at it I also fixed so that artists that have already released their albums are also presented on the Believer-page. Finally it is easy to look at old graphs and check what part numbers you have.

It is also interesting to see how much the part number I calculate differ from the actual number of the CD you get. For instance, I have part number 428 in Julia but my CD is number 61. This means, if I have understood everything correctly, that 427 parts where sold before I bought my part but among those only 60 where sent to believers and the rest was left to be sold on Sellaband.

Believer function fixed2008-09-15 22:05:47
After Sellaband was updated to version 2.0 I missed that the "believer" function of Stataband had stopped working. Finally got some time to fix it.

End of Transaction history2007-09-13 21:16:03
Hello everyone. Some days ago I was approched by some believers about privacy concerns regarding Stataband. This made me aware of the very tricky legal situation that Stataband exists within. Since I don't have the means nor time to investigate this completly I have simply decided that from now on Stataband will not host any data related directly to believers. That basically means that there will be no more transaction history. I want you all to know that I have full respect for the privacy of believers. No body has implicitly forced me to remove the transaction history but I think it is the right thing to do to avoid future hassle. As you all know Sellaband itself also display recently bought parts so the need for Statabands transaction history is not as great as it once was. Thanks to all the artists and believers who have shown appriciation for that specific function in Stataband. I hope you still feel that Stataband serves some usefull purpose. I would love to develop it further in the direction of analyzing trends in artists graphs

Happy Sellabration!2007-08-16 19:46:35
I'm soo sad I can't be with you all at Sellabration. To compensate for my self I have invited all my friends here for a party and I'm going to force some Second Person mucic on them, so I hope I will manage ok anyway :)

During the last weeks something wonderfull happened to me: I made some money from Stataband, 10 cents to be precise. Someone bought two Second Person tracks through my Sellaband-profile. Even though it might seem like a smallish amount I am ever so gratefull. Money that I make as commission on Sellaband will go directly to fund Stataband (webhosting) and additional investments on Sellaband.

Got to go back to mixing dip now. But once again: Have a great night at Paradiso!

Back from Ireland2007-08-12 20:21:34
Hello everyone. I just got back from my one vacation on Ireland yesterday. During the week I was gone a quite nasty bug made Stataband very very slow. It is fixed now.

As you must have noticed Sellaband nowadays includes most of the functions that made Stataband usefull. This is of course great since it makes the information more easily available for everyone. I will however continue to try to keep Stataband alive for the extra functions that remain.

I would also love to implement some new stuff, however in about one week I'm going to USA to study so I might have a lot else on my mind.

Similar artists - new algorithm2007-07-25 22:51:47
After fruitfull discussions with my chief technical advisor (read: my father) I have worked out some different new algorithms to find similar artists to an artist. I have now found one that I am quite satisfied with. Compared to the last method, this one is much more biased towards artists with fewer believers. I think that is good since the purpose of the functions is to help believers find new artists. It also seems to actually find artists that are (sometimes) a bit similar ;) Let me know what you think!

The entire algorithm takes around 30 min to execute. Since I didn't think you wanted 30 min extra loading time on every page the function is precaluclated on the server and updated once every day.

Believers of ... also believes in ...2007-07-21 21:20:17
Inspired by Michels proposition in this this thread I have now added a simple "Similar artists" function. What it does is simply that it lists all artists who has atleast one common believer with the first artist. This is not a very clever way to find similar artists since almost all artist share most believers with all the artists on the top ten page but it'll have to do for now . Browsing further down the list might give you ideas of some interesting new artists.

Working again!2007-07-20 15:38:55
Stataband is up and running again. In fact it has been since last morning (got the chance to fix the error quite fast). But I forgot to write a news item about it. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Stataband broken for now2007-07-19 00:08:08
Due to the change of the list of believers on Sellaband Stataband does not currently work. For some hours Stataband showed very wrong information due to this (it showed that all artists had lost all their parts). Please take the time to remmember that Stataband is only secondary to Sellband and no information should be trusted from this site without double checking with Sellaband.

I'm going to try to get time to adjust the code for the new Sellaband-layout as soon as possible. Can't promise exactly when though as I have to work aswell :( I hope you understand. Thanks Crazy Music and Sellacat for being so nice and point this out to me.

False sales, FIXED2007-07-02 22:10:29
I just found out I've been having a bug for the last couple of weeks. It is related to the issue about believers who have just created a profile page. When this happens Stataband is supposed to register that two believers with the same name made a transaction (one bought and one sold). It turns out however that for some time now the sell-transaction was not registered correctly.

I have now reversed the code to an older version which should be working. But that means that the sell-transaction will come now instead. So it might look as if a believer has sold parts when in reality they where just registered as having bought it twice in the database. Right now I'm going through part of the database to fix these manually.

Update: I have manually checked the entire database so there should not be any errornous data left (well atleast not with this specific error)

Stat A Believer2007-06-29 01:16:50

Believers can now get the stats from all artists they believe in and all artists on their wish list through a function called StataBeliever. The purpose of this is to make it more easy to track progress of all your bands and all bands that you might potentially want to invest in. When you check that page you also update the database for those artists, and thus by doing this regulary you make sure that nice graphs can be produced for your favorite rtists.

I have also decided to rearrange the links a bit. When you click on an artists or believers name on Stataband you will be taken to that persons Stataband page. To get to the Sellaband page just click the small Sellaband icon in the right most column. I feel that this is a much more natural now that the page have grown a bit.

As usually I seem to do all work during the night (the time stamp is in my local time). So please tell me (politly ;) if you find any bugs.

Bugfixes2007-06-27 00:15:36
Fixed two bugs. One with the weekly plot which always showed the last transaction to have just happened (thanks to Rutger for pointing this out). And one small bug that I though I had fixed before. A side-effect of todays work turned out to be that each band-page is now about 0.3s faster to load :) Hardly anything you 'll notice though since each page still require several seconds to load.

First Sellaband CDs2007-06-21 23:20:16
During the weekend I'll travel around 10 hours by car, first to celebrate midsummer in Göteborg and then to pick up all my stuff and move them from Lund here. Since I have all my CD's over there it's a perfect timing that Nemesea's and Cubworld's CDs where both made available for download today :) It's going to be great for the ride.

Being jsut as greedy as the next fellow I thought I'll join the screaming crowd and put little ad up for my own Sellaband store. If you like Stataband and would like to support it you are welcome to buy your CDs from there.

Graphs2007-06-21 00:00:00
Yey! We finally have graphs :) When you view the stats for an artist you will now also see two graphs. One over how the artist have done over the last week and one that shows the artists overall progress.

Remember that Stataband only knows about progress from after the artist was first inserted into the database. So there are no data plotted for dates before this. It is also therefor not possible to view any (useful) graphs for the artists who reached 50K before Stataband was created.

Bugfixes and "Top ten"2007-06-18 00:00:00
Last night I fixed a small bug pointed out by whaley. Thanks for reporting it. Unfortunately just before going to bed some garbage got in to the script that I didn't notice. So instead the whole page went down. I just started my summer job so I didn't notice it until just now. Thanks UBG for telling me about it.

Update I also fixed another rare bug (one of the known bugs) and more importantly added the "Top ten"-page. That page will show the stats for ten artists at the time. The artists are sorted in the same way as on Sellaband (by sold parts). Visiting the page will also update the transaction history for all ten artists even though it is not printed. Since Stataband needs to download and analyze 10 profile pages the page is quite slow.

Maitreyas road to 50k2007-06-12 00:00:00
Many of you have asked for Stataband to display graphs. That has been my purpose from the beginning but unfortunatly I havn't had time to implement it yet. So for now I have decided to "manually" create a graph of Maitreyas last 14K.

As you can se there are not many data-points (small crosses) before 31/5. That is because I hadn't made Stataband public yet by that time. So the data was only updated when I checked the page. After Stataband went public there are datapoints for every time anyone looked at Maitreyas stats. So believers: by checking Stataband for your favorite artists every now and then you make sure that a lot of datapoints are collected so that graphs are accurate.

In the future the plan is for such graphs to be automatically created and displayed on every artists stats-page.

Update complete - beware of false doubles in the transaction history2007-06-07 00:00:00
I have now performed the update. Stataband can now differ between believers who have set up their believer-page and those who havn't. The first time the transaction history is updated for an artist there might therefor be some false doubles (equal amounts of parts sold by one user and bought by someone else at the same time). This is due to the new script doing corrections in teh database from before this bugfix.

As always when people have sold parts, make sure to check if someone else have bought the same amount of parts at the same time. If this is the case it might only be a correction in the database. Especially if you notice that the name or account name is similar.

Pending updates2007-06-06 00:00:00
Today,apparently, is the "day of the Swedish flag". The only practical effect this has on me is that since it is a bank holiday my ISP will not be able to fix my internet connection today either. I've now been disconnected for over two days :( Luckily this website is hosted at a different location.

Anyways I got up to school to find a working internet connection. Browsing around the Stataband database I found a bug and I've have been working on a fix for it during the day. The fix is more or less complete, but requires me to run a script over night. A positive side effect of it is that after this bugfix Stataband will be able to show the real names of believers instead of the account names.

Maitreya reaches 50k!!!2007-06-02 00:00:00
Congratulations to Maitreya for reaching 50k. He ended up with 917 different believers which is more then any of the previous artists who have reached 50k. It is 176 more believers than the runner up, Second Person and almost double as many as Clemence, who is the one who managed to reach the "other" side with the fewest believers so far.

Speed ups!2007-06-01 00:00:00
I've managed to reduce the load times of the page quite drastically. Load times for an artist who was close to 50k have been reduced from over 20s to about 4 seconds. Most of that time now goes to loading the profile page from Sellaband.

Stataband declared open!2007-05-30 00:00:00
This is a bit of retro news (since I didn't have a news buillitin when the page started) but on May 30 Stataband was officially opened to the public. This didn't involve any fancy ribbon cuttings or so but was simply done by writing about it to Maitreya. About one week earlier I had written a small script to count how many believers an artist have. Maitreya among others gave me great positive response to it so I decided to keep developing the script. I also took the time to brush up my not-so-very-l33t-html-skillz. And thus, Stataband was born.