What is Sellaband?

Sellaband is a web-page that let's unsigned artists find funding for their next album straight from their fans. Fans pre-buy the album for $10 through Sellaband.com. Once an artist have sold 5000 CD's, and thus collected $50,000 they get access to the money and can start recording. Fans, or Believers as they are called on Sellaband, also get rewarded parts of the sales revenue as the CD hits the stores.

What is Stataband?

Stataband is a 3rd party web-page created by Sellaband user Daniel Forchheimer created to help believers and artists get more out of Sellaband. This is done by collecting and recording various data from Sellaband.com. Notably the current main function of Stataband is the possibility to get graphs showing how many parts an artist has sold over time. Information on an artist is collected from Sellaband only when someone requests it. Therefor the exact time of sold parts is always slightly off. The more people that are interested in an artist the more updated and correct will the history be.

Who am I

I'm an engineering student at Lund school of engineering in Sweden with a focus on Nano technology. I've been writing computer programs as my hoby since roughly 12 years old and I occasionally find time to continue doing it or at least update old projects still. Some of my other projects have been BFM - the Brutal File Manager, a Quake inspired way to delete files aswell as transset-df and rtkmerge two applications for Linux.


This page is created and run by Daniel Forchheimer and has no relations to Sellaband GmbH. Data on this page is based on publically available data collected live from sellaband.com with written permission from Sellaband to do so. Due to the ever existing risk of bugs please treat all data on this site with caution and common sense, remember that it is only a secondary source of information to Sellaband.


If you have any questions, suggestions or have found any other bugs please contact me on my believer page