This page gives you extended statistics on artists enlisted on Sellaband. To get started just write the account name of the artist in the box below. The account name can be read from an artists Sellaband-page by looking at the last part of the url (

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Page closed2011-12-27 19:06:59
This web page has not been working for quite a few years and in case anyone was wondering, I have no intensions to fix it. I don't have time to keep it updated and Sellaband has anyway added new functionalities which fixes most of the reasons I started this page. Thanks for all the positive feedback I got while it lasted.

Best wishes, Daniel.

Bug fix.2009-01-31 17:58:12
Apparently there was some minor changes to the listing of believers on SAB last Tuesday which broke Stataband. Hehe I'm probably the only one who is not longing for updates on Sellaband;) Unfortunately I did not notice the bug until just now. It was en easy enough fix but all the data from last week is gone so the "weekly increase" will be a bit off for a week. Once again thanks Thor for keeping me informed.

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